Finally, a social network for healthcare.

By joining enTouch™, healthcare professionals, patients and personal caregivers can work together to deliver exceptional care.

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Join the First Social Network for Healthcare

Join enTouch™

Quickly connect on our secure social network that conveniently and seamlessly brings together caregivers. Easily identify which patients require intervention, coordinate referrals, transitions and orders, and even involve family caregivers as needed.

Meet DINA™

Harness the power of DINA™, our Digital Nursing Assistant, she proactively identifies high-risk patients and provides recommendations like changing or adding services in real-time.

Identify & Intervene (in real-time)

Better understand the needs of your patients based on their current and past medical service utilization and activate engagement with the patient based on this information, thereby creating a lasting and positive patient relationship.

Empower Patients & Family Caregivers

Delight Patients and Personal Caregivers by improving health literacy through simple, mobile-enabled educational content. Automate and personalize virtual care check-ins to manage health risk in-between physical visits.

Facilitate Warm Transitions

Optimize care transitions by clearly organizing accountability between providers, community service organizations, patients and personal caregivers. Monitor and manage the completion of critical tasks that prevent complications.

Monitor Engagement in Real-time

Track operational performance in real-time and make care plan adjustments in a proactive manner.

Case Study: Reducing Heart Failure Re-admissions from 40% to 10%
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Same Hippocratic Oath, Different Payment Models.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

Quickly create a digital network of partners to proactively care for members within an ACO network, by doing so you control leakage away from more costly, lower quality care options and prevent hospital re-admissions.

Bundled Payments (BPCI)

Connect with post acute care providers to proactively manage and track patients after acute care hospitalizations for 30-60-90 days or longer from any of your affiliated services such as: Skilled Nursing, Inpatient Rehabilitation, Long-term Care Hospital and Home Health Agencies.

Chronic Condition Management (CCM)

New programs offered by CMS now provide reimbursement for proactive patient outreach to those with two (2) or more Chronic Conditions. Easily keep in touch with patients and automatically send reports into EMRs.

Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH)

Simplify the complexity of managing coordinated care activities for a patient by creating a personalized network of care providers. Manage and monitor timely clinician engagement through simple and easy to use communication tools.

Patient Retention

Build stronger relationships with your existing patients by better understanding their needs. Create awareness around preventative screenings and wellness checkups covered by many insurance programs.

Clinically Integrated Networks (CIN)

Rapidly deploy a shared solution to link together independent practitioners by delivering an integrated care experience for all patients within the same virtual clinical network.

The Future of Healthcare Technology


Technology is fully compliant with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules outlined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the security provisions of the HITECH Act.

Real-time Everything

The most important variable in the cost and quality of healthcare is time. For the first time in the industry, we’ve built a platform that enables both team-work and operational analytics in real-time.

Accessible Anywhere

Unlike the traditional evolution of technologies, our platform was designed to be mobile-first and then later extended with a cloud-based back-end for administration and analytics.

Predictive & Hyper-relevant Insights

Our insights are timely, fresh and based on how healthcare organizations work. We balance the use of structured and unstructured datasets to identify opportunities to rally patients to better outcomes.

Instant Deployments at Scale

Payment reform is well underway. Long implementations = Lost opportunities for patient retention or revenue optimization. Our platform is architected to enable rapid provisioning of all assets post contracting.

FHIR Ready

Our platform is designed to integrate with data warehouses and other systems within a healthcare organization to activate teamwork between providers, payers, patients and their families.

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