Prepared Health Connects All Critical Players in Post-Hospital Care

Whether you’re a hospital case manager, a post-acute provider, or even a health plan administrator, the enTouch platform provides the most comprehensive set of HIPAA-compliant communication tools available…specifically designed to improve virtually every aspect of the post-acute care process.



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Prepared Health is Transforming the Transition Process for Hospitals

As a hospital case manager, you’re inundated with constant communications from every member of your patient’s healthcare team. enTouch simplifies and organizes these communications into a single, easy-to-use platform, so you can better manage your never-ending caseload. Plus, enTouch offers important insights into your patients’ health once they leave the hospital, contributing to reduced readmission rates.

Helping hospital case managers with…

Readmission Prevention

Avoid penalties from readmissions by inviting partners to rally around your highest risk patients.

Digital Referrals

Efficiently transition patients by focusing on partners you can trust through the network.

Streamlined Authorization

Safely share all required documentation electronically.

Centralized Care Management

Optimize operations with centralized intake and discharge management.

Actionable Analytics

Measure and evaluate how your organization is performing, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Optimized Care Plans

Unlock real-time clinical recommendations and interventions with DINA.

HIPAA-Compliant Communications

Never miss a critical communication from a partner.

Centegra Health System Trusts Prepared Health

Centegra Health System professionals talk about how communication tools from Prepared Health allow them to stay informed and engaged throughout the case management process in order to safely transition patients from hospital to home.



enTouch Makes Coordinated Communication Effortless for Post-Acute Providers

enTouch gives you a complete set of tools specifically designed to simplify the laborious and often time-consuming communications process, so you can focus on providing your patients with the best care possible.

Helping home 
health care specialists 
and providers with…

Digital Referrals

Quickly accept referral requests and provide information to the hospital to become a preferred partner.

Real-Time Notifications

Eliminate time wasted waiting for slow, unreliable fax confirmations.

HIPAA-Compliant Text Messaging

Never miss a critical communication from a partner.

Readmission Prevention

Invite partners to rally around your highest risk patients to keep them safe at home.

Risk Stratification

Know which patients require your immediate attention.

Optimized Care Plans

Unlock real-time clinical recommendations and interventions with DINA.

Actionable Analytics

Measure and evaluate how your organization and trusted partners are performing.

BAYADA Trusts Prepared Health

Partnering with PreparedHealth has allowed us to proactively care for seniors in the Philadelphia market. With DINA, we are able to identify clients who require timely interventions and empower them to live independently in their homes and communities.

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Elevate Care While Lowering Costs

Patients, healthcare professionals, and insurance providers can all agree that optimizing outcomes is ideal for everyone. The enTouch network seamlessly connects everyone involved in a patient's home care treatment plan, optimizing outcomes by dramatically simplifying and enhancing the communications process.

Further, DINA technology collects the evidence-based data that health insurance providers need to drive down costs by effectively managing the health of certain populations.