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“If everybody's on the same platform, they can easily access all the client's information...things don't get lost in translation. It's a beautiful thing.”
Director, Home Health
BAYADA Home Health Care

Using communication technology to improve patient care

Prepared Health is focused on helping people get well faster and stay well longer in the comfort of their homes.

We believe there’s a better way to coordinate care between hospitals, post-acute providers, and family caregivers through patient-centric platforms. We’re transforming the industry by leveraging technology and data to optimize care and improve outcomes for patients.

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Experience enTouch —
the desktop and mobile-friendly platform

enTouch is revolutionizing post-acute care by simplifying case management and reducing readmission rates, ultimately improving the patient experience.

Our platform allows everyone to stay connected in 
real-time. Receive care updates as they happen with automated alerts and artificial intelligence flagging opportunities for intervention and improving a patient’s 
in-home care experience. It’s free to join and easy 
to use. Get enTouch today!

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