Dedicated to our family and yours.

It was June 2011, shortly after Medicity was acquired by Aetna for $500MM, when my father suddenly passed away. I experienced a wide range of emotions at the time, but the lingering feeling of being incredibly ‘unprepared’ for that moment drove me to take action. How could a successful executive feel this way when he had deep knowledge on all of the inner workings of healthcare? The frank truth: my entire family was disconnected from all of my father’s care-related matters.

Like so many times over the last decade, I called my long-time friend, colleague and professional mentor David Coyle. We compared notes, researched our experiences and found many around the world, including David caring for his own mother, struggle with this very same feeling of being unprepared to care for an aging parent.

Each day, 10,000 people turn 65 years old, 90% of which prefer to age and receive care in their homes. That, combined with a rapidly shrinking workforce, lead us to conclude something needed to be done.

In January of 2015, David and I launched PreparedHealth to make life easier for patients, their personal caregivers, providers and payers. Core to our mission, the 4 Ps are permanently etched into the company’s logo to serve as a reminder for all those associated with the company.

Shortly after launching, we successfully recruited our first innovation partner, BAYADA Home Health Care – an organization led by an amazing family and culture of prioritizing compassion, excellence and reliability. Since then, the company has helped develop innovative technology solutions that have kept many of their patients safe at home and out of the hospital across the country.

Looking for an opportunity to accelerate the number of families we can help, we’ve carefully recruited respected clinical, financial and operating partners in early 2017.  We’re excited to have a strong foundation in place as we continue to grow and onboard new client partners.


Join us in the movement of keeping people healthy and happy at home.



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Photo courtesy of Crain’s Chicago Business